Perspectives on Market Uncertainty


The Vernal Equinox has passed and signs of rebirth are everywhere. The grass is turning green, the buds are blooming, and pollen is in the air. One exception, however, has been the Wall Street bull that suddenly seems old and tired. 

After watching the market step spryly upward seemingly every week last year, we have definitely taken a feeble turn in 2018. Through yesterday, the S&P 500 was down 1.12% year to date, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 3.08%. 

Whether the bull is reaching its end, or just taking a breath, volatility can make us all feel uneasy about our own direction. This week, I am sharing a couple of different perspectives on market uncertainty. The first is from a DFA investment professional, Jim Parker, titled Sailing with the Tides

The second is from a DFA client, Dave Goetsch, an executive producer of the hit television series, The Big Bang Theory. As a writer on a show about a group of brainiac scientists, Dave makes common sense out of complicated concepts for a living. But when it came to market fluctuations, he used to respond with with panic rather than logic. His story, titled Now and Then, discusses how he came to discover a new path for his financial life.

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