Happy New Year! The 10 Best Accountable Update Blog Posts of 2016

As we approach the finish line of another trip around our nearest yellow dwarf, I am grateful to all the Accountable Update blog readers that have shared articles with friends, family, or others that are important to you. To ATX Portfolio Advisors clients, I am especially thankful for your business and trust. Over the past year, ATX Portfolio Advisors and the Accountable Update have experienced over 100% growth! In many ways, though, it feels like we’re just getting started.

The Accountable Update may not be the most prolific financial blog on the internet, but it is possible to miss something from time to time. I’ve listed what I felt like were my 10 best efforts of 2016, in case you may have missed one.

Thank you all for a successful 2016 and here’s to a prosperous 2017. Happy New Year!

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