Vegetable Chili and Other Resolutions


I made vegetable chili last night. My daughter texted me on her ride home from softball practice, “What’s for dinner”?

I replied, “Vegetarian chili.”

Her response, “So you want me and Mom to pick something up”?

You might say vegetarian chili isn’t a dish that I’m known for eating or preparing for my family. A New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds led to a daily goal of tracking my daily calories. That has resulted in me eating more vegetables, which in turn, has opened my mind to an occasional meatless dish. Even so, my family thought I was joking right up until I served them a steaming bowl of spicy beans, peppers, onion, carrots, etc.

While vegetarian dining may be a new thing for me, resolutions aren’t. In fact, I’ve posted enough blogs about resolutions over the past few years that I really didn’t think there was much more to say on the subject. So, I made a few updates and decided to share them again.

I also have some leftover chili, if you happen to be hungry.