Accountable Update

A Tale of Two Decades from DFA

I often am asked what I think is going to happen in the stock market. For anyone that has read this blog or spoken to me for any period of time on the topic of investing, you probably know that there is scant evidence that “smart” investors can consistently outsmart the market. Yet, I still get asked what I think is going to happen.

2 Tips for Dealing with Market Volatility

Last week at my Rotary Club meeting, our scheduled speaker was a no show. When our President asked if anyone had something they would like to talk about, I offered to present one of my recent Accountable Update articles, 10 Questions for Every Investor.

The article was well suited for an impromptu presentation, with several charts interspersed with practical advice. But when we got to the Q&A, it became apparent that the recent market volatility was weighing on some folks. The question that was seemingly on everyone’s mind was, “When will stocks stop going down?”

My answer, as it is anytime someone asks me what I think the stock market will do tomorrow, is to offer a couple of tips for dealing with market volatility.