Fiduciary Standard of Care

ATX Portfolio Advisors pledges to always put the best interests of our clients first, no matter what. As such, we will disclose in writing the following material facts and any conflicts of interest (actual and/or perceived) that may arise in our business relationship:

  1. All commission, fees, loads, and expenses, in advance, client will pay as a result of my advice and recommendations.
  2. All commissions I receive as a result of my advice and recommendations.
  3. A summary of alternatives considered in the process of determining any recommendations.
  4. The availability and application of any fee waivers or discounts. 
  5. Fees I paid to others for the referral of client to me.
  6. Fees I have or will receive for referring client to any third-parties.
  7. Any other financial conflicts of interest that could reasonably compromise the impartiality of my advice and recommendations.

-Jeff Weeks